Plata Nativa


860 Florida, #41, Galeria del Sol,
Buenos Aires,


Somehow Sharon Stone discovered Plata Nativa and went crazy for the multistrand necklaces combining turquoise, amethyst, quartz, lapis, and other semiprecious stones. Buried in an unprepossessing mall on Calle Florida—you’d never find it just wandering around—this little shop yields a spectacular mix of antiques and newly designed jewelry. But it is the collection of vintage smalls that steals my heart. I am on the verge of buying a cow-shaped incense burner when I see a devotional figure—for a home?a church?—that is clad in a silver dress and holding a rod with a silver fish; I am a goner. Though technically not an antique—one of the owners, Leonardo Alche, thinks it’s about 60 years old—I rapidly fork over several hundred dollars. (Like so many other shopkeepers in this city, he happily takes American currency.)