Restaurants in Michigan

Many restaurants in Michigan serve the state’s specialty dishes, which include the coney dog (a hot dog slathered in chili), fudge (while flavors vary, Michigan fudge is always creamy and rich), lake fish (particularly whitefish and lake perch prepared in a variety of ways) and tart cherry pie. In addition, Michigan restaurants in the northern part of the state are celebrated for their pasty, a dish traditionally made with meat, potato and onion, all wrapped in delicious dough.

For visitors with a sweet-tooth, Crane’s Pie Pantry – located in Fennville – is considered one of the best restaurants in Michigan for dessert. The joint offers an array of freshly baked pies. Come hungry: Crane’s Pie Pantry’s slices are notoriously massive and so delicious, you’ll want to finish every last bite. For a classic dining experience, don’t miss a visit to two of the most historic Michigan restaurants: Lafayette and American. Located next door to one another, both diners serve coney dogs and enjoy a longstanding rivalry.

This restaurant offers the town’s only true waterfront dining; enjoy regional cuisine and a table near the fireplace or window.

Drive or boat up to this restaurant in the Marina District of the Detroit River. The two-story building with many windows has 36 boat wells available for restaurant guests.

Detroit’s late-19th-century heyday is on display in this pink granite, 52-room mansion, originally built in 1894 for lumber baron David Whitney.

Go for a dinner of pecan-crusted walleye with Michigan dried-cherry butter.

The Leelanau Peninsula’s bracing Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris—and its spectacular scenery—have begun drawing wine tourists to the eastern edge of Lake Michigan.

Dine by candlelight at this intimate restaurant known for its extensive wine list and French country classics like cassoulet and roast duck.

Despite being owned by Jimmy Schmidt, Detroit’s best known chef, Rattlesnake Club is somewhat of a foodies’ secret, tucked away on a side street just east of downtown.

Go for a dinner of pecan-crusted walleye with Michigan dried-cherry butter.

The horse-themed restaurant's casual menu includes old-time regionally inspired dishes like roasted Indian corn and shrimp chowder.

As the name indicates, Evie’s is famous for its tamales—the real meat-or-cheese-filled kind that practically fall apart with tenderness when you pop them in your mouth.