Distrito Capital
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Distrito Capital

Avenida Juan Salvador Agraz 37, Colonia Santa Fe, Mexico City, 05300 | +52 55 5257 1300​
Distrito Capital Hotel in Mexico City

Undine Pröhl

Price range
Pool, Free WiFi
Modern style, Great views

Minimalist and modern, Distrito Capital is an ideal hotel option if your travel takes you to the business district of Santa Fe. Note that while in the city, Santa Fe is not one of the capital's more accessible neighborhoods; it is most visited by business travelers who have meetings or work at one of the many international corporations that have their Mexican or Latin American flagships here: Coca-Cola, Ford, Microsoft, and Sony among them. Rooms span the upper floors of one of Santa Fe's many (and ever increasing in number) skyscrapers, yielding incredible views, both of the other glass towers in the area as well as the mountains that ring Mexico City. Ceilings are tall and rooms are bright white, so rooms feel airy and light-filled. A terrace pool is good for early morning lap swimming or afternoon and evening splashes, with occasional breaks for cocktails at the al fresco bar.

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