Far View Lodge

Far View Lodge

Mesa Verde National Park, Mesa Verde, CO 81330
Courtesy of ARAMARK Parks and Destinations

The Altitude: 8,000 feet.


The Perch: The aptly named Far View Lodge sits in Mesa Verde National Park, on the same soaring bluff where Ancestral Pueblo Indians made their now ancient cliff dwellings.


The Journey: You’ll take a steep, 15-mile former wagon trail from the park entrance gate to the lodge, teetering over canyons, ridges, and hairpin switchbacks the whole way.


The Best View: Many of the Santa Fe–style Kiva rooms have vistas that take in hundreds of miles across four states. Book a Kiva suite to see into Soda Canyon, or stay in the main lodge to spy New Mexico’s volcanic Shiprock in the distance. Scan the closer terrain too— you might spot a bobcat, mountain lion, or the herd of wild horses that have staked a claim here.

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