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Mérida Travel Guide

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  • Must-Order Local Foods

    See more Best Places to Eat Like a Local ... Read More

  • Mérida’s New Hotel: Rosas & Xocolate

    Set to open any minute now, the Mayan-influenced, 17-room Rosas & Xocolate, in Mérida, Mexico, is a gustatory experience as enticing as the hotel’s... Read More

  • Deeper Into Mexico's Yucatan

    Though I had seen hundreds of photos of Chichén Itzá, I was still overwhelmed when I encountered the spectacular Mayan site for the first time. But I... Read More

  • Mérida's Moment

    Church bells are pealing as I enter the Plaza Grande, Mérida's main square, which is bordered by 16th-century Spanish colonial buildings and the oldest... Read More

  • Mexico's Hidden Mayan Ruins

    I sat on a limestone block at the apex of the giant pyramid, gazing south. The wind sent green waves lapping through the treetops below me, cutting the... Read More

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