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By Anya von Bremzen
A couple of years ago, François Simon, the influential restaurant critic for Le Figaro, told me that French gastronomy needed a “crisis” in order to reinvent its doddering identity. At the time I barely listened. Who cared about a lot of sauce-str...
By Christopher Petkanas
Catherine Painvin exited the notary's office in dark glasses. Her head was bowed and her lips were quivering. Though we had met just 36 hours before, she collapsed in my arms in a flood of tears. "Oh, Christopher..." she wailed. I was on what sh...
By Daniel Mendelsohn
You reach the Hapsburg-era spa resort of Marienbad the way you reach a destination in a dream or a fairy tale: through a dense, dark wood, on a long and narrow road that twists and doubles back on itself so often that you think you must be lost. S...

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Formerly the Auberge de Cantobre.

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