Things to Do in Marrakesh

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Across the street from the Majorelle Gardens is a beautiful concept store, carrying merchandise from many of the city’s modern designers. It has a few... Read More

For a nice collection of less expensive but very pretty jewelry from contemporary designers, head to this concept store.  You’ll find pieces laid... Read More

This concept shop is filled with goodies from Morocco’s best contemporary designers.  Look for small homewares, jewelry, fashion and foodstuffs—all... Read More

This supermarket has two locations in Guliez. One is in the basement level of a small mall and somewhat inconspicuous.  The selection is not as... Read More

This club features 18 holes of golf raised to an art form.  Besides a superbly beautiful landscape, Al Maaden’s sculpture park of 12 large-scale... Read More

This is a social enterprise, embedded in a day care and professional training center for the handicapped. The hand-made embroidery created by the women... Read More

Just across from Royal Golf, discover a completely different experience at Amelkis’ 27 holes.  Another “Desert Golf” design—and lacking the trees... Read More

In season 16, Tyra Banks and her entourage of models to visit the Jemma el-Fnaa square and explore the medina’s souks. As is expected from this genre of... Read More

If you yawned through the first three suggestions, this one might get your heart racing. With high-quality bikes and an insightful guide along for the... Read More

This is a favorite park in Marrakesh, and also not far from the Koutoubia mosque.  This 20-acre park is well worth a visit to escape the hubbub of... Read More

Searching for caffeine?  I understand.  And you want your java half coffee-half milk? A popular way to drink it in Marrakesh is noos-noos ... Read More

I was once told that, at a Moroccan restaurant, you can tell the number of courses to be served by counting the stacked tablecloths. After each course,... Read More

At these food and juice stalls, you’ll want some important phrases that any kindergartener should know:  please and thank you. When ordering at the... Read More

Known as gifted bargainers, the shop owners in the medina souks have one huge advantage: time. You, on the other hand, are in Marrakech for only a few... Read More

This chic wine store can be found in the new city of Gueliz.  Competition for Nicolas, it offers great wine advice from an educated staff. ... Read More

This Moroccan cooking school offers two courses: “Food and Culture” and “Kitchen Simplissima.” One advantage is that you can ask for whatever main dish... Read More

The shop has a loyal following of travelers who come just for the latest models and colors of its Tod’s-like loafers (most less than $50 a pair). Read More

This new club on the outskirts of Marrakesh has four clay courts, two hard courts, gear for rent and pros for hire—so all you need to bring is your... Read More

Looking to enjoy a stroll through the greener side of Marrakesh? This walk starts from the Menara Gardens and passes the Oliveraie, an olive orchard.... Read More

We often send our own Peacock Pavilions hotel clients to this restaurant and club, with its Moroccan-Lebanese vibe.  The décor is appropriately... Read More

In the late 1800s, the Bahia Palace was built at the pleasure of Ba-Ahmed, a former slave who rose to become the all-powerful Vizier to the Moroccan... Read More

Not acrophobic? Good. How about claustrophobic or agoraphobic? Well, put them all behind and venture off before sunrise when the air is calm and fresh.... Read More

In the evening, my Moroccan friends can often be found at the square listening to storytelling (in Arabic), playing games (involving strength challenges... Read More

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