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If you've ever dreamed of having your own New York apartment with a view of Central Park, now's your chance: the Hilton Club's flagship property has... Read More

We found our corner of Harlem by a twist of fate in December 1997: a basement fire gutted our apartment in lower Manhattan. Nearly eight miles (and 150... Read More

The brainy chef behind French Laundry in Yountville, California, is known for reinventing such iconic American pairings as macaroni and cheese, peanut... Read More

The secret is out. The lower west side Manhattan neighborhood once reserved for butchers and truckers (and transvestite hookers) is "officially" cool,... Read More

When the St. Regis New York invited Tomas Maier to create a 1,700-square-foot suite, he simply used his seasoned sensibility as a world traveler—and... Read More

8:15 a.m. Jason Pomeranc (pronounced “pom-mer-antz”), the 37-year-old entrepreneur behind the growing Thompson Hotels group, sleeps through his alarm ... Read More

One afternoon in 2006, Eva Ziegler, a marketing executive at Le Méridien hotels, walked into an unusual perfume store in Manhattan called Le Labo. The... Read More

Remember 1995?When those strange velvetcouches started turning up in your local bar?Martini glasses suddenly grewby inches and appeared beside lacquered... Read More

Dodge dim sum. Hold the raves on risotto. Here's the lowdown on Stars and Stripes for the taste buds. Sure, you might have to drive out of the comfort... Read More

Calling all Augustus Gloops: there's a new chocolatier in town. At Manhattan's Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man (841 Broadway; 212/388-0030)... Read More

So you're not a diva who travels with a makeup artist in your entourage?Well, there's hope for you yet. In major cities, a new class of beauty boutique... Read More

french bliss Hotelier Grace Leo-Andrieu, who transformed Paris's Hotel Montalembert and Le Toiny on St. Barts into stylish enclaves, has once... Read More

New York has never been a city of good breeding. It's my home and I'll defend it to the death, but architecturally it has always been far less... Read More

Virtually every setting—coastline, open prairie, mountain range, big city park—makes for rewarding bird-watching. One of the joys of the sport is how... Read More

Why do my friends laugh when I tell them I am training to become a housekeeper at the St. Regis Hotel? I guess they’ve never talked to my vacuum cleaner... Read More

Robert De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel sits resplendent—all brick and glass and wrought-iron—between Franklin and North Moore Streets in Manhattan’s TriBeCa... Read More

When I was a kid, I was crazy lucky to live within walking distance of a luncheonette that, according to a hand-painted sign in the window, served the... Read More

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