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By Victoria Hardy

Reeling from a messy split? Treat yourself with some post-divorce travel therapy.

By Nicole Whitsett
Traveling bibliophiles tend to lug a year's worth of reading material for a weeklong trip. We suggest an alternative: grab a paperback for the plane, and regain your literary bearings on arrival by visiting a great bookstore. But where to go?Here,...
By Ted Conover
It is a motion that dates from the ancient Chinese, and a pose you've seen a hundred times: the gloved hand rises, the bird alights. Here, on the first day of falconry school in Vermont, that hand is about to be mine. Our instructor, Chris Davis,...
By Rebecca Barry
It may seem spooky to sleep in a haunted hotel, but there's no guarantee you'll actually see a ghost. Some are picky; some are shy; some stick to one room (which may not be yours). Others appear as nothing more than a chill or a flash of color. Bu...

Hotels in Manchester

On the north side of Green Mountain National Forest, the Equinox Resort complex comprises of five buildings spanning more than 200 years, including the home of Abraham Lincoln’s granddaughter, for a total of 195 rooms.