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By Sarah Gold
While hiking through the flat savannah lands of western Brazil, you emerge from some shade trees and suddenly find yourself just yards away from the most outlandish creature you’ve ever seen. Lumbering forward on its front knuckles, its monstrous ...
By Clark Mitchell
ALASKA Explore the untamed wilderness on Safari Quest, Abercrombie & Kent's 120-foot yacht. Sail from Juneau to Glacier Bay National Park, then get in a kayak and scout for puffins, sea lions, and black bears. Back on board, continue along the 500...
By Mark Jacobson
No knock on Rodeo Drive, if that's your (very expensive) cup of tea—and for sure Wal-Mart has its conveniences—but for my (limited) money, give me a shopping experience a bit more off the well-heeled path. The Russian Market in what passes...

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With its soaring tin roof and stained-glass windows, the century-old Manaus fish market is nothing if not a temple dedicated to Amazonian biodiversity, a museum of the soon-to-be-eaten, illuminated by strings of hanging 15-watt bulbs.