Madison + The Central Plains

Things to do in Madison + The Central Plains

The cycling-themed property showcases antique and contemporary biking décor and rooms named after five-time winners of the Tour de France. (The Lance Armstrong room has the only king-size poster bed.)

The garden features beautiful rose perennial, woodland, and herb gardens and promotes sustainable gardening practices and classes.

Travel by land and water on an amphibious vehicle; take trips through the Red Bird Gorge, over a sandbar, or into the river.

The entire fleet runs on propane.

Sit back in a horse-drawn carriage and view a mile of magnificent cliff-walled gorges.

Cigar and whiskey connoisseurs' hangout.

This sanctuary amid 26 forest acres has a pretreatment ritual so soothing you may forget there’s more to come: start by scrubbing yourself down with Precambrian sandstone under a rainfall shower, then enter the fragrant steam and dip into the plunge pool.

Norwegian-inspired speakeasy

In warm weather, the museum’s roof is the setting for concerts and films.