Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island Travel Guide

While some visitors may feel a little tentative about what to in Mackinac Island without a car, most find that getting around ends up being half the fun.  
Work Your Legs. You can rent bicycles, or just walk, or take a carriage tour to see the highlights of the island and learn a little about the history of Mackinac (it was originally a Native American settlement, and the site of two battles in the War of 1812).
Swim. The beach, of course, offers plenty things to do in Mackinac Island: On hot days, it's common to spot families on the beaches on the north and south sides of the island. Even though the water tends to be a little chilly, that doesn't deter many people.
Decide which local fudge is your favorite. You'll have several contenders, from the fudge inside the Grande Hotel's gift shop to Sander's or Murdick's, two of the oldest local shops on the island.
Wondering what to do in Mackinac Island with kids? Add these spots to your list:

Fort Mackinac, which offers re-enacted battles and hourly canon firings.
Haunted Theater, which brings to life a number of historical Michigan characters.

Pick up some homemade fudge at this Mackinac shop - open since 1887.

The 41-year-old Mustang Lounge, a local watering hole, just reopened after a complete renovation.

Carriages amble through historic streets with stops at the island’s centerpiece: the massive 19th-century Grand Hotel.

It’s a time-honored tradition to explore the island by bike. Rent one here.

It's not as though this six-square-mile island at the juncture of lakes Huron and Michigan is immune to change, but with a ban on motorized vehicles and a position as a National Historic Landmark to maintain, Mackinac's sensibility is decidedly traditional—just the way we like it.