Mackinac Island

Restaurants in Mackinac Island

The fresh air and walkable streets help build up your appetite, right? Mackinac Island restaurants include plenty of charming cafes and dessert shops:

Fort Mackinac Tea Room. Located in Fort Mackinac, the tearoom is a prime lunch spot and has incredible views of the harbor, village green and Main Street.
The Carriage House. Located at the Hotel Iroquois, this is one of the best restaurants in Mackinac Island, attracting both tourists and locals. Try the Great Lakes whitefish or the sautéed perch with grilled avocado salsa. 
Seabiscuit Café. This Mackinac Island restaurant offers regionally inspired dishes, such as the roasted Indian corn and shrimp chowder.
The Woods Restaurant. Housed in a beautiful old Tudor Mansion— away from the main street in the Mackinac woods—this is one of the most picturesque restaurants on Mackinac Island. Try the crispy tempura quail for a starter and the maple-glazed duck breast for your entree.
Doud's Deli. For quick sandwiches, pizza or bakery items, this deli and bakery boasts of being America's oldest family-owned grocery store.

The horse-themed restaurant's casual menu includes old-time regionally inspired dishes like roasted Indian corn and shrimp chowder.