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By Hadi Ktiri
With its many gorgeous shops, fabulous restaurants, luxe spas and unparalleled nightlife, New Orleans is frequently a top spot for groups of gals seeking a destination getaway. Here’s a great sample itinerary for a girls’ day out. Start the day wi...
By Hadi Ktiri
The advent of the Internet has brought about the slow death of the American bookstores.  No longer is it necessary to read books to get the information needed for success in life.  But in New Orleans, a city steeped with rich literary history, it’...
By Hadi Ktiri
Virginia might be for lovers, but NOLA is for romantics.  Everywhere you look in this city there are beautiful couples hand in hand. If you’re in town for a first date, there are tons of great lunch spots like the Latin powerhouse, Johnny Sanchez ...
By Hadi Ktiri
There are so many amazing places nestled within New Orleans—why would you ever want to leave? The concept of leaving this beautiful haven for the culturally rich, and stylishly engaged, is so far gone that I had to do a fair amount of digging to u...
By Hadi Ktiri
It’s no secret that New Orleans isn’t really that new. In fact it’s far from it. Horses still parade visitors all over downtown like it’s still the 1800’s. People entertain each other over long and lavish dinners, their lives heralding a time long...
By Hadi Ktiri
More a feeling than any one concrete example, luxury accommodations are often forgotten as a testament to their effectiveness.  Like a perfectly made cocktail in your hand, a posh environment is likely to be more a nuanced texture to a delightful ...

Hotels in Louisiana

Bed down in one of five cheerful guest rooms—all with private baths, period furnishings and complimentary WiFi—at this historic home (it was the city’s first boarding house) in downtown Lake Charles.

Restaurants in Louisiana

This modest restaurant—interiors have wood paneled walls, checkered floors and cushion-topped stools—is locally loved for its fried shrimp and hot crab gumbo. Don’t miss the crawfish when they’re in season (March to May).

Things to do in Louisiana

Pick up a Creole-country souvenir—seasonings and sauces are full of heat; alligator busts make a statement—at this shop dedicated to all things local to the Bayou State.