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Lisa Eisner

Design reformers in the late 19th century, outraged by the era's glut of shoddy mass-produced furniture, set up workshops that functioned largely... Read More

No disrespect to your Aunt Alice’s bone-dry stuffing, but it’s time to shake up the old holiday menu. Take your cue from these chefs, getting creative... Read More

What is "American cuisine" now?In search of answers, we traveled to 10 of our most forward-thinking food capitals to bring you the best examples and the... Read More

One of the quirkiest phenomena in Japan has come to L.A. with the opening of Royal/T in Culver City (8910 Washington Blvd., Culver City; 310/599-6300;... Read More

Boston Emerge Day Spa ... Read More

We all look forward to the New Year to get a fresh start, make resolutions, and of course to peer into our crystal ball and figure out what will happen... Read More

The temperature is on the high side of 90 as my husband, Peter Boyle, and I step onto the red carpet of the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles for the... Read More

Whether they're trying to appeal to gourmands who want creative input into their meal or to grown-up kids who don't want their peas to touch their... Read More

Lined with bars, clubs, and galleries, Hollywood Boulevard is making a comeback as the center of the Los Angeles social scene. The most surprising new... Read More

See our slideshow of 2009 Travel Horoscopes. ... Read More

OCCUPATION Artists HOME BASE New York City SHOWSTOPPER Oldenburg and van Bruggen, who have lived, worked, and traveled together for the last 29 years, ... Read More

Truth be told, we've never been big on Chinese food. The starchy chop suey–house entrées we ate growing up in South Carolina always made the after... Read More

Buying vintage clothing isn’t a novel concept. Like many people, when I started shopping for used clothes during my high school years in Minnesota, I... Read More

See our slideshow of Must-See Green American Landmarks. ... Read More

See our slideshow of the Best New Green Hotels. ... Read More

Playing Alvy Singer in 1977’s Annie Hall, Woody Allen famously described Los Angeles as a place whose only cultural advantage is being able to make a... Read More

What do 30 Rock and Entourage have in common, outside of their showbiz theme?Their settings—some of the hottest venues in New York and L.A.,... Read More

See our slideshow of Wacky Presidential Election Hotel Promotions. ... Read More

It's official: beef is back. Thanks to a cash-rich and protein-craving population, the steak house is again the hottest joint in town, from coast to... Read More

It may seem spooky to sleep in a haunted hotel, but there's no guarantee you'll actually see a ghost. Some are picky; some are shy; some stick to one... Read More

Dense fog has swallowed the Los Angeles skyline, and the outdoor bar at the Mondrian hotel is practically empty save for a Johnny Depp look-alike... Read More

On a West Hollywood side street, a security guard tends a door behind a velvet rope, and meter readers prey on double-parkers. This is no nightclub,... Read More

Dodge dim sum. Hold the raves on risotto. Here's the lowdown on Stars and Stripes for the taste buds. Sure, you might have to drive out of the comfort... Read More

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