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Lisa Eisner

A vacation in a luxurious suite is a treat in itself, but an amazing vacation gets even better when you can share it with man’s best friend.At The... Read More

Airports take any potential security threat very seriously. Mentioning, or even joking about, the presence of explosives can land a passenger ... Read More

It’s common knowledge that Los Angeles is one of the worst places for traffic congestion.Drivers stuck in the hot Southern California gridlock... Read More

With a record-breaking 80,922,000 passengers flying through Los Angeles International Airport in 2016, germophobes might feel wary using any one of the... Read More

Sure, Halloween may still be months away, but that's actually a good thing, as it gives you plenty of time to plan your trip to Singapore,... Read More

For years, the Taiwanese airline EVA Air has been sending their passengers around Asia in aircraft dedicated to the adorable Sanrio icon, ... Read More

You really may have more in common with Beyoncé than you think.Ok, so you don’t have a mountain of Grammy awards, or several best-selling albums. You... Read More

On those probably more frequent than you would like to admit nights when you opt to order delivery food rather than cook, you’re usually in one of two... Read More

Virgin America hasn’t technically existed since January — but that hasn’t stopped people from taking Virgin America flights.Although the airline... Read More

The tale as old as time is being spun once again, this time as a live concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Zooey Deschanel playing Belle.Beauty and... Read More

Those in the movie business get the unique perk of not only earning millions for a starring role, but also receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars... Read More

The season of theme park price hikes is upon us, and now that Harry Potter magic, Minions mayhem, and Hollywood movie action is going to cost a bit more... Read More

Travelers who want to feel like (celebrity) royalty can get a free BMW while staying at the newly renovated Peninsula Beverly Hills.The hotel is... Read More

Los Angeles has 10 years to prepare for the 2028 Summer Olympics, but the city has already begun sprucing itself up.y operational by 2023. It will be... Read More

California’s Malibu can be quite the romantic destination, which is why it makes sense that actress Amy Schumer recently chose the city for her... Read More

Whether you’re looking for love or just want other singles to mingle with on Valentine’s Day, you want a hometown whose opportunities are economic,... Read More

Jennifer Aniston’s decorating mantra is (unsurprisingly) as approachable as they come.“Sexy is important, but comfort is essential,” the actress, 48,... Read More

Valentine’s Day is just a little more than a week away, but don’t worry, you still have time to plan something for your someone special. This year, don... Read More

While many U.S. cities ranked among those with the most traffic, Los Angeles came out on top for the sixth time in a row.Los Angeles traffic stats found... Read More

Los Angeles’ weather-related woes aren’t finished.On Monday, the area reported a record-breaking heatwave in Long Beach, Santa Ana and Newport Beach,... Read More

A quick-thinking pilot managed to land his plane on a California freeway after experiencing an engine failure on Sunday.According to KTLA, around 7:50 p... Read More

The world is just days away from the release of the third and final Fifty Shades film. For some fans, the thought of living without Christian and... Read More

We're all about great return policies, but this is certainly generous.At the start of the new year, taking down the Christmas tree is at the top of many... Read More

JetBlue is having another winter sale, with flights on sale for travel from January through April.As another snowstorm gets ready to pummel parts of the... Read More

You’ve traveled to Los Angeles planning to enjoy the outdoor attractions, go shopping on Rodeo Drive, or maybe hike to the Hollywood sign. But when you... Read More

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