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Andreas Bleckmann

Norwegian Air broke a subsonic speed record last month when a flight from New York City to London arrived in just five hours and 13 minutes — but the... Read More

Following the battle of Dunkirk in 1940, as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill grew increasingly concerned about a Nazi invasion on U.K. soil, he... Read More

An accident at London’s Heathrow Airport Wednesday morning caused dozens of delays after two airport staff vehicles collided with each other,... Read More

All flights coming to and from the London City Airport have been canceled Monday after a World War II-era bomb was discovered... Read More

Prince William has some strong thoughts on how social media and Internet culture are affecting young people today.According to The Telegraph, the royal... Read More

Valentine’s Day is just a little more than a week away, but don’t worry, you still have time to plan something for your someone special. This year, don... Read More

Meghan Markle is set for her first official evening affair as a royal-to-be.On Wednesday, the palace announced that Meghan and her fiancé, Prince Harry,... Read More

New moms are often faced with the difficult job of finding a safe and comfortable space to breastfeed their baby or use a breast pump while traveling... Read More

Buckingham Palace is more than 300 years old, so it’s no surprise really that it contains more than a few historical treasures.During an ongoing... Read More

Staff at London's Heathrow Airport were surprised to discover a rare lizard scurrying around the baggage area last week.The 12-inch-long monitor... Read More

Kate Middleton is speaking out about a cause very close to her heart.The royal mom visited Roe Green Junior School in London on Tuesday, where she met... Read More

This article originally appeared on Meghan Markle officially becomes a royal in May, but the perks of the job are already pouring... Read More

If you love the British royal family and tweeting all day long, we have a job posting you need to check out.In a new listing posted to LinkedIn, the... Read More

A woman nicknamed the “serial stowaway” was caught in London earlier this month after sneaking onto a British Airways flight from Chicago. It marks at... Read More

Accio vacation!Imagine if you could basically attend Hogwarts while floating on a luxurious boat that you and your friends have all to yourself. An... Read More

Six decades ago, Lady Anne Glenconner was a 19-year-old young British woman working for her mother's ceramics business before being selected as one of... Read More

There’s no thrill quite like traveling to a new city, but the stress of planning and the pressure to see it all can get in the way of fully enjoying... Read More

President Trump says he canceled his planned February visit to the U.K. in protest of a “bad deal” made during the Obama era.At almost midnight on... Read More

This story originally appeared on the past eight years, Clare Beadle has spent her days checking documents and passports at one... Read More

Queen Elizabeth sacked her royal bra-fitter because the 82-year-old owner revealed royal secrets in a book last year. Luxury London lingerie... Read More

On May 19, the couple that has taken social media by storm are due to wed.Their official venue is St. George’s Chapel, about an hour outside London in... Read More

If you have been watching The Crown, Netflix’s hit series about the life of Queen Elizabeth, you may have been surprised to see American royalty visit... Read More

Meghan Markle may not yet be a royal, but she’s the queen of winter fashion.For her second official royal engagement, Meghan and Prince Harry stepped... Read More

The boy who lived is making his way across the pond.A new exhibit called “Harry Potter: A History of Magic,” currently on display at the British Library... Read More

Two pilots for an Indian airline have been suspended after starting a fight and abandoning the cockpit in the middle of a flight. The Jet Airways... Read More

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