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By Katie James
Skin-care companies are taking a locavore approach, producing goods with a strong sense of place. Just as chefs are increasingly careful about knowing where their food comes from, beauty brands are thinking more about what goes into their produ...
By Gabrielle Blitz
By Devin Friedman
We were feeling good. We arrived at our apartment in the town of Lerici as the sun was going down. Above: tiny wisps of cloud lit from beneath like pink fish bones. Below: the village, with its ocher- and sienna-washed buildings and beachside prom...
By Maria Shollenbarger
Mario Anfossi isn’t widely known as the Basil King of Italy—that’s just a sobriquet my friends and I came up with for him—but his farm, Azienda Agraria Anfossi, just inland from Albenga, is a veritable fiefdom of basil, whose aroma beckons from a ...
By Valerie Waterhouse
Emilia-Romagna Don’t miss the graffiti scrawled on the walls by war prisoners at the 900-year-old Torre Prendiparte (from $508), in Bologna. Once home to owner Matteo Giovanardi, the single, earth-toned room has a vaulted wood ceiling and is furn...

Hotels in Liguria

The hotel's bar is perched on a bluff overlooking the town and possesses a slightly askew, old-school charm.

Things to do in Liguria

A 1950’s-vintage bar and beach club; with its concrete floors, high ceilings, industrial lamps, and pull-down glass doors. Beautiful young bartenders strike exaggerated contrapposti behind the 25-foot-long bar, insouciantly dispensing the occasional Peroni or Aperol spritz.