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Liguria Travel Guide

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  • Italy to Limit Tourists to Cinque Terre

    Last year 2.5 million tourists made their way down the steep winding trails to Cinque Terre—the five picturesque fishing villages perched on the cliffs... Read More

  • Beauty Brands Embrace the Locavore Trend

    Skin-care companies are taking a locavore approach, producing goods with a strong sense of place. ... Read More

  • Great Italian Beaches

    We were feeling good. We arrived at our apartment in the town of Lerici as the sun was going down. Above: tiny wisps of cloud lit from beneath like pink... Read More

  • Driving Italy's Ligurian Coast

    Mario Anfossi isn’t widely known as the Basil King of Italy—that’s just a sobriquet my friends and I came up with for him—but his farm, Azienda Agraria... Read More

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