Le Marche

Le Marche Travel Guide

Venture out to see Lorenzo Lotto's Annunciation at the small Colloredo-Mels museum in the historical center of town.

The artist was born and taught to paint by his father here, though none of his paintings are on display.

The Abbey at Fiastra is one of the most serene, with a shaded portico and an ample courtyard that has a well at the center. The windows of the monks' cells line the story above the arches.

Make a pilgrimage to the Holy House of the Black Madonna. The surrounding area is full of shops selling fascinating souvenirs.

Every August in Pesaro, opera enthusiasts come for the celebration of the native-son composer.

Go to Monte San Giusto to see Lorenzo Lotto's Crucifixion, the altarpiece in a tiny church, Santa Maria in Telusiano.

The structure was both a fortress plus a Renaissance villa, built in four levels on a hillside, with geometric gardens.

The museum contains Paintings by Paolo Uccello and Piero della Francesca.

Near Montecosaro, the bare-brick Romanesque church of Santa Maria a Pié di Chienti, flanked by a smoke-filled café teeming with men playing cards, has veined alabaster windows that look like abstract stained-glass designs and bathe the interior in pale golden light.

The museum display ceramics from the 1500's to the present, including 1900's majolicas of Pesaro's Ferruccio Mengaroni.