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Chile and Argentina T+L Travel Agent Advisory Board (TAAB) agent Paul Niskanen, of Cruise Masters/Concierge Travel Advisors, has been sending clients down Chile’s southern coast on Holland America itineraries for vastly reduced rates since the ...
By Vicky Lowry
The expression "everything old is new again" fits Lausanne to a T. One of Switzerland's smallest cities, it has always been a haven for discreetly wealthy and flamboyantly famous Europeans (Mozart liked to play at the town hall; Lord Byron wrote p...

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An institution for high rollers since 1915, with a happening British colonial–style bar. 

Room to Book: Ask for a junior room overlooking Lake Geneva.

Doubles From $530.

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A seven-story, glass-fronted 1929 store designed by avant-garde architect Ludvik Kysela.