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By Lindsay Taub

Simple science may explain the phenomena, but when it comes to natural light shows—be they in ravines in Arizona or caves in New Zealand—the effect is nothing short of magical. Onward for forest fireflies, an “everlasting” storm, and "Manhattanhenge."

By Jim Lewis
On Highway 26, heading west from Ogallala, Nebraska, I had my first experience with High Plains Rapture. I was following a 400-mile leg of the Pony Express, from Fort Kearney, in Nebraska, to Fort Laramie, in Wyoming, and the landscape, which was ...
By David Dunbar
For some 50 years, starting in the 1860's, legendary rustlers and robbers like the Wild Bunch perfected the "pony express" method of getaways-- using fresh horses and supplies stashed at hideouts some 20 miles apart. The route linking these way st...