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Lapland Travel Guide

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  • World's Most Unusual Hotels 2008

    You take an elevator up 60 feet and step out into your room, which is decked out with Eames chairs and plasma TV’s and has a panoramic view out over... Read More

  • Seeking the Northern Lights in Finland

    "YOU SHOULD VISIT FINLAND IN SUMMER," says the Lonely Planet guidebook. Thanks for the tip, but the whole point of my "Northern Lights" package, set up... Read More

  • 40 Trips To Change Your World | Lapland

    Trek your way through the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, and Finland and experience life above the Arctic Circle. During your week-long trip you... Read More

  • T+L Reports: Hiking, Reinvented

    Leave it to those innovative Scandinavians to improve simple strolling, with Nordic walking. In the sport, walkers use adapted ski poles with spiked... Read More

  • Ultimate North: Lapland

    I just want to get to Lapland before the art melts. This is why, although Montreal is enjoying its most grotesque winter in three decades, I am... Read More

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