Kyoto Travel Guide

Located on the lower floors of a kimono company, the complex includes a contemporary crafts shop, chic café, and steel-and-glass gallery exhibiting 450-year-old embroidered kimonos.

11th-generation craftsman Kenkichi Senda creates woodblock-printed washi paper for temple doors, as well as chic handmade pendant lanterns.

A 14th-century Gold Pavilion.

Taste rare brews at this low-key bar run by an Israeli expat.

The store's tailors stitch men’s overcoats from wool, cotton, silk, and hemp.

The riverside 685-year-old Zen monastery has 24 temples on the property.

This tea shop resembles an old-fashioned apothecary, with white-jacketed attendants measuring green tea onto scales.

The Cultural Experience Program organizes homestays and offers hands-on lessons on Japanese cuisine, dance, calligraphy, and ikebana (flower arranging). Four-week intensive summer courses start in July.

The five-acre residential gardens of the late samurai film star Denjiro Okochi.

The gallery-like shop sells lacquered bamboo boxes and handwoven silk capes by local designers.