Restaurants in Kyoto

Restaurants in Kyoto offer cuisine from every region of Japan, ranging from the high-end kaiseki to more common but equally delicious fare like ramen and broth soups. As a major tourist destination, Kyoto restaurants equally offer a fine selection of international cuisine, from French to Italian, American, Korean and Chinese, often prepared with local ingredients for a dash of Asian fusion. Many restaurants in Kyoto are housed inside traditional wooden buildings, beautifully preserved, where patrons overlook small private gardens as they eat. Kyoto’s exceptionally attentive waiters will often narrate the significance of each dish as they bring it out to you. And in the Buddhist tradition, vegetarian fare is extremely common at restaurants in Kyoto.

The city is especially well known for its delectable seafood, prepared in a tempura batter or expertly rolled into sushi, as well as tofu dishes. Much of the produce is locally sourced, harvested from open-air markets offering a splendid selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. And be sure to sample kaiseki for a truly authentic Japanese dining experience. It is the nation’s version of haute cuisine, consisting of a multi-course meal prepared by a master chef who artfully arranges each dish with an eye on balancing the taste, texture and appearance of the food, using fresh seasonal ingredients and edible garnishes molded into the shape of plants and animals.

Offers an excellent maiko show and dinner (in which apprentice geishas perform and serve) for intimate groups.

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The temple's restaurant serves vegetarian meals such as sesame tofu and soup made of dried gourds and sea kelp.

The noodle shop has been dishing up handmade soba, udon, and tempura since 1465.

At this envelope-pushing restaurant the sashimi comes with a side of pesto.