Koh Samui

Restaurants in Koh Samui

The best restaurants in Koh Samui present dishes from traditional Thai cuisine to gourmet fusion and international fare. It's easy to find a good place to eat among the wide range of Koh Samui restaurants, though deciding the type of meal you want to experience is a true challenge.

The Sun Moon Star restaurant is known for its romantic environment. The dining room is endowed with an amazing view over the Gulf of Thailand.

For a surprising taste of the true flavors of Lebanon, consider Nadimos. This restaurant offers a menu featuring ingredients directly imported from Lebanon to give the quintessential flavor of the cuisine in every dish.

The Club Akyra is among Koh Samui restaurants that present contemporary Asian cuisine. Inspired by the past——and with a modest touch of modernity—Chef Amporn offers unique and elevated flavors in every dish.

The Zazen's Restaurant is one of the award-winning restaurants in Koh Samui that offers authentic Thai cuisine. Here, you can taste the true flavors of Thailand against a candlelit backdrop and live entertainment: traditional Thai dancers will perform throughout the night.