48 Harilaou Trikoupi St.,


Austin Powers comes to mind upon entering this hotel, the brainchild of Greek modern-art collector Dakis Joannou and Egyptian-English interior-industrial designer Karim Rashid. LCD signs and pop art by Jeff Koons in the lobby, space-age light installations (and floor-to-ceiling windows) in the rooms, and a psychedelic palette of pink, green, orange, and yellow throughout result in structured mod madness at the 51-room complex in the wealthy Athens suburb of Kifissia. With a shagadelic social scene around the candy-colored pool (so popular that non-hotel-guests pay up to 85 euros per day for access) and a clubby indoor-outdoor restaurant-bar with glowing lights and orange Plexiglas walls, this is an ideal base for schmoozing, but not for sightseeing—it’s a 35-minute metro ride from the city center.

Room to Book: A poolside bungalow.