Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island Travel Guide

If you plan your vacations around outdoor activities and athletic adventures, then you will have no limit of things to do in Kiawah Island. Grab a canoe or kayak for an afternoon paddling down Kiawah River, or hop on a bike for a lazy ride on the riverside trails, which offer scenic views of the landscape. For other ideas of what to do in Kiawah Island, just switch bodies of water. Take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, or build a sand castle with your family on the beach. Or just take a moment to relax and read on the shore — you are on vacation after all!

It’s impossible to mention things to do in Kiawah Island without talking about golf. The countless golf courses — many of which are world-class, award-winning greens — make this the perfect destination for golf lovers or just those who have always wanted to learn the sport but have never had the chance.

Additionally, there are plenty of cultural events, like art exhibits, concerts, and dramatic performances, which are enjoyed by the locals and might pique your interest when considering what to do in Kiawah Island.

Mahogany-panalled refuge