Restaurants in Kenya

Kenya restaurants transpire the African culture in exotic flavors and environment. From seafood to exotic barbeque meats among the wide range of Kenya restaurants, every dish is a unique experience.

Malindi Dishes Restaurant offers dishes such as pilau, a curried rice with meat and coconut fish. This traditional African restaurant in Kenya presents you with flavors and dishes inspired by the African coast. The Carnivore restaurant is the perfect place for those who love barbeque and are looking to try some new exotic meats. Considered one of the best restaurants in Kenya and even the world, here you can taste not only the normal beef but also crocodile, zebra, giraffe, gnu and zebra with their special Carnivore barbeque sauce.

At the Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant, you will have a chance to taste traditional dishes from Ethiopia. The restaurant is decorated with paintings that tell mystic histories of Ethiopia giving an extra touch of the African experience. For a taste of seafood consider the Tamarind restaurant. Designed in a modern Arabic style, this restaurant offers the most amazing dishes made with fresh ingredients such as octopus, oysters, squids and lobsters.

Garden courtyard offering pastries, vegetable samosas, small snacks, and daily seafood specials.

Nairobi hangout for lunch or dinner, with an Asian-inflected menu and great seafood. The restaurant serves dishes such as roast duck with wild rice and bok choy. Coming soon: a 40-room Talisman hotel.

Mama Fatuma's unpretentious café offers red snapper in tandoori sauce, fantastic lime pickle, and biryani (usually reserved for special occasions in Swahili households).

A floating grill bar moored off Manda Beach with great sunset views. Reachable by its own private launch.