Kenya Travel Guide

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The most distinguishing aspects of Kenya travel are its stirring natural landscapes and abundance of wildlife. Its location in the Great Rift Valley conjures up of huge flocks of flamingos and elephants with a backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, and they are all very real. Travel to Kenya to immerse yourself in the wilderness and learn more about local cultures. You’ll find truly unparalleled views and animal encounter with numerous safari opportunities. Kenya travel is something to be coveted and treasured always. If you are looking for a taste of true African essence then travel to Kenya is perfect.

Things Not to Miss in Kenya

• Nairobi National Park
 • Mount Kenya
 • Hell's Gate National Park
 • Lamu Island
 • Tsavo National Park
 • Lake Nakuru
 • Masai Mara National Reserve

When to Go to Kenya

The best time to visit Kenya is during the dry season, from July to October. For safaris, the annual migrations happen during that time so wildlife spotting is at its best. If you travel to Kenya during the summertime (December to March) visit the coast or local villages, since the temperatures will be more forgiving. Check with government websites and be aware when it is safe to travel to Kenya. Some areas close to other countries have a history of violent conflict; it’s best to be informed before booking your trip.

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