Hotels in Kennebunkport

The hospitality found at Kennebunkport hotels will make you feel at home in this Maine town. From classic luxury hotels to elegant cottages, you can find the right type of Kennebunkport hotel accommodation for you. Consider the Hidden Pond for its elegant cottages. With a fireplace, swimming pool and beautiful natural landscapes, this is the place to relax and have fun.

The Kennebunkport Inn is among the hotels in Kennebunkport that exhibits historical architecture and elegance, perfect for a romantic getaway. Located in Chase Hill, the Grand Hotel offers an amazing view over the Kennebunk River. With its own gallery and classic architecture, this hotel offers elegant accommodations. For a peaceful environment consider the
Cabot Cove Cottages. This place offers a romantic environment endowed with natural landscapes. It is located near Dock Square, which offers shopping opportunities and restaurant selections just a few steps away. The White Barn Inn is one of Maine’s top-rated hotels. Whether in the main white clapboard house, or one of the cottages, guests are sure to have a relaxing experience at this Kennebunkport hotel. Take a look below for more of the best hotels in Kennebunkport.

It’s no surprise that Maine’s top-rated Relais & Châteaux hotel is located in the toniest summer community of them all—Kennebunkport—and just two minutes as the gull flies from the Bush family compound on Walker’s Point.