Restaurants in Kauai

Restaurants in Kauai offer some of the freshest food on the planet and travelers won’t want to miss some great seafood meals. Whether you choose to dine at a fine Kauai restaurants or grab a quick bite from a beachside food truck, look for fruits just picked from the tree, like papaya, coconut or mango, and local fish pulled straight from the Pacific, like mahi mahi, opakapaka or ono. Kauai's nicer restaurants get their seafood fresh daily of course, but you can't go wrong with a beach seafood shack either. Not a big fish fan? Hawaii is also known for its cattle ranches, so restaurants in Kauai serve delicious steaks as well as fresh seafood. With the island’s acres of sugar cane plantations, there are plenty of delightful confections waiting to tempt diners, so save room for dessert! Check out the list below to find the best restaurants in Kauai.

Organic, locally grown fare at Outrigger Waipouli Beach Resort.

What started out as a taco wagon, this eatery evolved after many years into a fixed restaurant in the Halele'a Building about a mile from the Hanalei Bridge on Kuhio Highway.

After surfing, kayaking, or simply enjoying the north shore in the morning, many visitors have lunch at the white taco truck parked on Weke Road at the Hanalei Pier by Black Pot Beach.

Chef Jean Marie Josselin prepares a wide selection of tapas.

Kintaro on the Kuhio Highway in Kapa’a focuses on Japanese fare, but is best known for their inventive--and inexpensive--sushi like the Hanalei Bay roll, which is a deep-fried California roll, and the Bali Hai Bomb roll, which blends crab and smoked salmon, then is baked and topped with wasabi ma

Meals are prepared with ingredients sourced from the restaurant's two-acre farm.

The 1930s manor house of Hawaii’s first sugar plantation is now one of the most beautiful restaurants on Kauai. Verandas overlook manicured gardens flush with green and red ti plants, cactus, orchids, and a man-made pond, all romantically lit at night.

A local institution, Kilauea Bakery and Pau Hana Pizza serve specialty pizzas, tropical cakes and pastries, and beverages from its espresso bar. Signature pies include the Island Stylin’ (ham, pineapple, and chipotle peppers) and the Billie Holiday (smoked ono, spinach, and roasted onion).

A stand serving delicately flavored ice cream cones.

Wins hands down for biggest pancake in the tropics. In the market town of Waimea, this breezy diner is the favorite stop for locals who love their breakfast Loco Moco (white rice topped with hamburger patties, grilled onions, fried egg and brown gravy) on the XXL side.

A list of 50 wines with a focus on Rhone-style varieties, half of them offered by the glass, accompanies the Spanish-style tapas dishes at Kauai's Bar Acuda in Hanalei.

Chef Peter Merriman was one of the first to celebrate Hawaiian regional cuisine.

Formerly Sushi Blues, Bouchon’s is still a sushi bar but has also added a fusion of island, Pacific-American, and French flavors. Dishes include scallop and shrimp pupus, specialty rolls, citrus and macadamia nut mahi-mahi, and steak au poivre.