Yeti Mountain Home Kongde

Yeti Mountain Home Kongde

, Kongde,

The Altitude: Almost 14,000 feet.

The Perch: Nepal’s Yeti Mountain Home Kongde is the highest altitude lodging in the world, with expectedly knockout views. (Yes, that’s Mount Everest framed in your guest room window.)

The Journey: Getting to Kongde, the highest of Yeti Mountain Home’s five Himalayan properties, requires an eight-hour, sherpa-guided trek through high alpine terrain—you’ll pass snow-encrusted streams, waterfalls, and herds of wild goats and sheep. Once you’re there, though, it’s fairly easy to hike from lodge to lodge (all are run by members of local Nepalese communities).

The Best View: At this elevation, all rooms have postcard-perfect overlooks. By day, you’ll see Everest and the only slightly less spectacular surrounding mountains of Makalu, Cho Oyu, and Tawache; by night, the stars are so numerous and bright you’ll feel like you’re one of them.

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