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By Kimberley Sevcik
When Afghanistan's Taliban announced plans in February to destroy all of the country's statues—including two gigantic fifth-century Buddha figures— the cries of outrage reverberated around the globe. Losing these ancient and precious pieces of his...
By Peter Lindberg
Some years ago a friend made a trip to Kathmandu. At her hotel, she asked where she might sample the city's best Nepali food. "Hmm," the concierge said. "Good Nepal food, hard to find. I do not recommend. May I suggest dinner at hotel?This week, ...
(31) Kathmandu Treasure-hunting in the Himalayas A religious center for generations, the Kathmandu Valley now draws modern shoppers. Set aside three days to explore, and bring plenty of cash—ATM's are still a rarity in Nepal. The best place to sta...

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Everything about this hotel seeks to preserve, or honor, the country’s unique heritage. Terracotta designs made from local artisans and local clay, rescued and restored woodworks, and textiles embroidered in typical Nepali designs are found throughout the property.

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In a country short on homegrown preservation efforts, KVPT has established itself as a steward of some of Nepal's most fantastic monuments.