Restaurants in Kansas

Visitors to Kansas will find themselves pleasantly surprised by the range of dining experiences on offer in the Wheat State. Restaurants in Kansas range from casual eateries to haute cuisine, from quirky destination restaurants beloved by tourists to small-town local favorites. The hearty, stick-to-your-bones home cookin’ at Kansas restaurants cements the state’s title as the Heart of America. Don’t leave without sampling local favorites like chicken fried steak, corned-beef hash, fried chicken and homemade root beer.

Some of the best restaurants in Kansas include Doc’s Steak House in Wichita, famous for its garlic salad and bargain portions of steak, pork chops and chicken-fried steak; Doo-Dah Diner, also in Wichita, a local favorite serving up breakfast classics like corned-beef hash, banana-bread French toast and eggs Benedict and Porubsky’s Grocery in Topeka, a Russian deli that specializes in hearty chili, simple sandwiches, and homemade pickles. Anchor, a trendy Wichita pub serves excellent burgers and a beer selection to match and Local Burger in Lawrence, which offsets its unparalleled bacon cheeseburger with a selection of local, organic vegetarian options, including a fantastic veggie burger.

Beyond the shamrock gas station’s pumps and past the racks of Hostess cakes, a warren of tables and booths makes up this barbecue joint.