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By Staff
By Lyndsey Matthews
By David A. Keeps
This is a tale of two deserts: one as glittering and artificial as a futuristic theme park, the other as spare and elemental as boulders and cactus. It’s roughly a 32-mile journey north from Palm Springs, the Midcentury Modern center of Southern C...
By Peter Haldeman
"You begin an Outward Bound course the day you sign up." -- Sandy Kobrock, Outward Bound instructor Signed up for OB's Rogue River trip today. Reviewed brochures, medical forms, etc. Interested to learn that six to eight weeks of preconditionin...

Restaurants in Joshua Tree National Park

The fresh-made multigrain pancakes and cheddar-jack omelettes are popular with breakfasting climbers.

Things to do in Joshua Tree National Park

The school runs full-day classes that introduce you to the fundamentals of climbing in Joshua Tree National Park.