Restaurants in Java

Bring your sense of adventure when you sit down to eat in a Java restaurant.  The fruits alone, aside from the omnipresent coconut, can be a challenge to the Western palate, such as the jackfruit, star fruit and the notorious, dare-you-to-eat-it (or just take a whiff of it) durian.
If there is one major theme to the best restaurants in Java, though, given its place in the archipelago—it's seafood, and lots of it, including oysters, lobster and squid.   But authentic local menus also offer a lot of fried rice (on the menu as Nasi goreng), fried noodles (mie goreng) and vegetables with peanut sauce and boiled egg (gado-gado). 

Aside from traditional Indonesian dishes, Java restaurants tend to offer a lot of mainland Chinese dishes, since Chinese restaurants are gaining in popularity  here. These are the some of the only restaurants in Java where you'll find pork, since it is otherwise disdained in Hindu regions.
If you're game for exotic takes on the cuisine, try the street food—but you can also get great versions of the classic simple dishes in the food courts of Jakarta's many malls.