Restaurants in Japan

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The restaurant is obscured behind a dramatic façade of weathered steel and glass. Regulars love this spot not just for the gently priced omakase... Read More

Legendary French chef Pierre Gagnaire is known for subtle dishes, meant to be eaten in progression in order to experience how the nuance of each taste... Read More

The temple's restaurant serves vegetarian meals such as sesame tofu and soup made of dried gourds and sea kelp. Read More

The devotion of affluent sophisticates has made owner Kazuhiko Kinoshita a star and kept the 32 seats booked far in advance. Read More

This minimalist Ginza gem got a Michelin star for its divine kushiage (deep-fried skewers). While the wine list is excellent, happo sake (cold sparkling... Read More

Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba's restaurant is known for excellent, innovative kaiseki featuring artfully presented, seasonal ingredients (think: a broth... Read More

Surrounding the vast maze of refrigerated stalls in the centrally located Tsukiji fish market are simple spots that cater to off-duty fishmongers, still... Read More

Just two years after its opening, self-taught chef Carme Ruscellada's first reataurant in the village of San Pol de Mer north of Barcelona earned a... Read More

The line of salarymen descending the stairs into this ramen haven is long, but take heart:  it moves quickly, as these guys slurp like there&rsquo... Read More

Soba is a staple of many Japanese dishes, from soups to mori soba (a cold-noodle dish), but it's rare to find them made by hand. At Sasuga, diners can... Read More

In 1834, a samurai made his claim to fame with his fruit and vegetables shop, introducing the then-isolated Japan to imported produce. More than 150... Read More

Billed as "Tokyo-style French cuisine," Sens et Saveurs is the Tokyo outpost of identical twins Jacques and Laurent Pourcel, whose Montpelier Les Jardin... Read More

Upscale restaurant, housed in a 19th-century sake brewery, that serves traditional kaiseki featuring house-made tofu: deep-fried, smooth, or simmered in... Read More

The restaurant's name, Shunju, means spring and autumn. Dishes include items like pike eel and summer vegetables in tempura, or homemade tofu with... Read More

Roughly translated, tsugihagi means something akin to "patchwork" in English, and that's the apporach this contemporary izakaya takes in everything from... Read More

Thirty-seven floors up in the Mandrin Oriental Hotel, Michelin-starred Signature serves refined French cuisine in a rarefied atmosphere with contempoary... Read More

Ask for a seat on the outdoor terrace at this Teruo Kurosaki-owned eatery. Read More

Part avante-garde art gallery, part dance club, part bar, Super Deluxe occupies an open basement space with concrete floors and high ceilings, decorated... Read More

At this sushi restaurant, Chef Masuda serves only what is in season and looks best at the market that day. He trained under Jiro Ono for nine years, but... Read More

Hidden inside a Roppongi's Ark Hills parking garage is this world-renowned, eight-seat sushi restaurant. Inside, you'll find a sleek wooden sushi bar... Read More

The chef is the mentor of Masa Takayama, whose $450 sushi omakase has thrilled Manhattan sushi cognoscenti since his restaurant, Masa, opened in 2004. Read More

At the airport outpost of this popular Japanese sushi chain—there are more than 60 locations throughout the country—you’ll have a... Read More

Steaming bowls of vegan noodles, piled high with crisp vegetables and savory toppings, are served in this busy ramen joint inside Tokyo Station. Diners... Read More

Try instead the sashimi of the day and the seasonal nizakana (fish simmered in sake and soy) with rice, pickles, and soothing miso soup. Read More

Shojin ryori (vegetarian Buddhist monk cuisine) is served inside this temple precinct at Mt. Takao's Yakuoin. Walk-in meals are available at lunchtime. Read More

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