Restaurants in Japan

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Konpeki No Umi—meaning "The Azure Sea"—quite fittingly brings in over 1,500 varieties of seafood over the year. Experience the diverse kaiseki-style... Read More

Impressive views of the Tokyo skyline are the backdrop for Japanese fine dining at Kozue, located on the 40th floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel. Blond wood... Read More

Kurkku Kitchen is part of Tokyo's budding green scene. Located in a modern, two-story glass and wood, architect-designed building with a turf roof, the... Read More

Black laquer, red accents, and floor-to-ceiling windows set the tone for French celebrity chef Joel Robuchon's Roppongi Hills venue, where diners at the... Read More

Lyonnais legend Paul Bocuse's first restaurant outside France occupies the National Art Center's stunning glass-and-steel lobby. It sits atop a three... Read More

The brilliant fortysomething chef Yoshihiro Narisawa weds French finesse and Spanish avant-garde savvy with kaiseki aesthetics and a passion for local... Read More

Some of the world’s best French restaurants can be found in Tokyo, and our favorite among them is elegant Les Saisons, in the Imperial Hotel. At... Read More

Tuck into a succulent Kurobuta-pork tonkatsu (cutlet) in a shaggy crisp panko crust. Read More

For fans of soba noodles, texture is key, and noodle shop Matsugen is reputed to have perfected it. Located on the third floor of a Ginza office tower,... Read More

Exclusive kaiseki (Japanese haute cuisine) restaurant with admittance by invite only: but well-connected hotel concierges may be able to wrangle a... Read More

Well heeled Ginza shoppers and ladies who lunch converge at the lounge on the 3rd floor of Mikimoto's Ginza 2 Building, also known as "the Swiss Cheese... Read More

Classic Edo-style sushi from Mitsugi-San, a true master who encourages guests to eat the superb (and reasonably-priced omakase courses) in whatever... Read More

The polished shop puts a twist on traditional Japanese mochi (glutinous rice cakes) by injecting them with fluffy cream, along with the standard red... Read More

On a single street in Tsukishima (a manmade island in the city), there are approximately 50 restaurants serving monja, a kind of pancake (some say... Read More

Chef Kimio Nonaga gained acclaim as the winner of the 2002 Iron Chef competition and has catered meals for the Imperial household, but his traditional... Read More

The accolades for chef Seji Yamamoto's Nihonryori Ryugin are impressive: three Michelin stars and status as one the world's top 50 restaurants as... Read More

Considered one of the finest unagi (freshwater eel) houses in Japan, Michelin-starred Nodaiwa is located in a free-standing, three-story wood and... Read More

A converted house in the rock-and-roll neighborhood of Shimokitazawa is now an organic cafe serving rustic, vegetable-focused food. Low, wooden tables... Read More

An opulent former merchant's house (decorated with Nihon-ga style paintings, marble floors, and antiques preserved in glass display cases) accommodates... Read More

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