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Book and Bed is about to become the destination for literature-loving travelers visiting Tokyo. The library-themed hostel will open its doors on... Read More

As the former imperial capital, Kyoto’s cuisine is linked to its regal history and landlocked geography. It’s home to several Michelin-starred... Read More

In further proof that all the cutest things happen in Japan, a sparkle-and-rainbow-filled My Little Pony cafe recently popped up in Tokyo. That’s right,... Read More

I was somewhere in the mountains of Niigata Prefecture and the light was starting to fade. I was lost, once again. Even the female voice in the car’s... Read More

It should come as no surprise that Tokyo has plenty of nooks and crannies ready for discovery. The layout of the metropolis, with its interlacing... Read More

Tucked into the South Japanese Alps lies Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, the world’s oldest hotel, according to Guinness World Records. Founded in 705 AD by... Read More

Horror addicts and supernatural enthusiasts may be disappointed to know that arguably the best Spirits of Japan tour has nothing to... Read More

The Japanese have long triumphed in clothing design and modern architecture; the national aesthetic, at its pinnacle, is world-class. While paper,... Read More

Through the end of November, you can see a number of massive straw sculptures nestled in a field in the country's Niigata Prefecture—dinosaurs, a giant... Read More

Japan is known for a lot of things—undeniable cuisine, striking minimalist design, surprisingly hi-tech toilets. The latter is soon to be given the... Read More

Since a spa getaway seems to be on most everyone’s list these days, on your next trip to Japan, work in a visit to a ryokan. These hot springs inns can... Read More

In the world’s first-ever novel, The Tale of Genji, written back in the 11th century, the characters take a break from politicking and palace life to... Read More

The doors of Hotel Okura — an icon of Japanese modernist design — have finally shut. The 1960s landmark, which has welcomed a bevy of storied guests... Read More

There’s no denying that 2015 NBA champion and finals MVP Andre Iguodala is one of the hardest-working players in the sport today. So how does the Golden... Read More

Japan’s historic city of Kyoto just released an etiquette manual for tourists traveling to the area.The guide contains 18 do’s and don’ts for visitors... Read More

If the words Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur make sense to you then pack your bags for the Peninsula Tokyo. The hotel has a Pokémon-themed... Read More

The KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU just opened on August 1, but it’s already topping many Tokyo must-see lists.The cafe is located in the hub of... Read More

Small, exclusive ryokans dot the Japanese landscape, offering respite and tranquil arboreal settings, rooms, and meals meant to induce a calm and... Read More

Japan is both famous for, and proud of, its passenger trains. But the arrival and expansion of low-cost air carriers is giving rail a run for its money... Read More

Upon visiting Tokyo this spring, I was expecting Harajuku dreams, one-of-a kind wonders, and Kawaii cuteness every step I turned. Only, in reality,... Read More

The Digs: The Tokyo Suite, Park Hyatt TokyoSize: 2,153 square feetPrice: $10,000 a nightThe Skinny: On the 50th floor of the Park... Read More

Kyoto has temples, Okinawa has beaches, Ishikawa has samurai, Hakone has Mount Fuji, and Tokyo has everything. But it’s Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern... Read More

Japans’ rail system—from its bullet trains to the efficiency of the Tokyo subway system—is famous for its orderliness, and for its rules. Lots of rules.... Read More

If you're one of those people with their nose stuck to the window watching airplanes come and go while waiting at your gate, you're going to love this... Read More

From pledges to use renewable energy to brewing with actual waste, those in the craft beer world regularly put their commitment to... Read More

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