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Japan’s historic city of Kyoto just released an etiquette manual for tourists traveling to the area.The guide contains 18 do’s and don’ts for visitors... Read More

If the words Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur make sense to you then pack your bags for the Peninsula Tokyo. The hotel has a Pokémon-themed... Read More

The KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU just opened on August 1, but it’s already topping many Tokyo must-see lists.The cafe is located in the hub of... Read More

Small, exclusive ryokans dot the Japanese landscape, offering respite and tranquil arboreal settings, rooms, and meals meant to induce a calm and... Read More

Japan is both famous for, and proud of, its passenger trains. But the arrival and expansion of low-cost air carriers is giving rail a run for its money... Read More

Upon visiting Tokyo this spring, I was expecting Harajuku dreams, one-of-a kind wonders, and Kawaii cuteness every step I turned. Only, in reality,... Read More

The Digs: The Tokyo Suite, Park Hyatt TokyoSize: 2,153 square feetPrice: $10,000 a nightThe Skinny: On the 50th floor of the Park... Read More

Kyoto has temples, Okinawa has beaches, Ishikawa has samurai, Hakone has Mount Fuji, and Tokyo has everything. But it’s Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern... Read More

Japans’ rail system—from its bullet trains to the efficiency of the Tokyo subway system—is famous for its orderliness, and for its rules. Lots of rules.... Read More

If you're one of those people with their nose stuck to the window watching airplanes come and go while waiting at your gate, you're going to love this... Read More

From pledges to use renewable energy to brewing with actual waste, those in the craft beer world regularly put their commitment to... Read More

Perfectly fried tempura. Ramen with intricate tonkatsu broth. Soba noodles with a hundred years’ history. There are plenty of foods Japan has become... Read More

Step aside, receptionists. Robots are coming to get you. At least, that’s what’s happening at a hotel in Japan.Called Weird Hotel, the place of business... Read More

Ramen is one of Japan’s fast foods: Cheap, greasy, and favored by students after a night of drinking, but it’s not taken very seriously. Sushi is... Read More

When you’re visiting Japan, it’s apparent the country loves western brands and kitsch, so between the Fendi and tschokes (like bobble head geisha dolls... Read More

I landed at Tokyo's Narita Airport last week ready to find out why so many people (13.35 million, according to last year's numbers) would want... Read More

The Roppongi neighborhood in Tokyo has a well-deserved reputation for being dissolute, but far more interesting than the seedy clubs and bars nestled in... Read More

Tama, the “station master cat” whose honorary post at the Kishi Station in Wakayma, Japan, drew tens of thousands of tourists each year to the area, has... Read More

It’s no surprise ramen has grown into something of a craze (because it's unspeakably delicious), but the people of Hakone, Japan have... Read More

While not for everyone (claustrophobics, need not reserve), Tokyo’s capsule hotels are a sight to be seen. Photographer Won Kim took to the city’s... Read More

Japanese ramen may be one of the hottest culinary trends in the U.S., but back in Japan, it’s Italian cuisine. When people tire of raw fish? They turn... Read More

The reinvention of this walkable, former punk-rock neighborhood began 10 years ago with the opening of Frank & Easy. At the tiny boutique, owners... Read More

Palace Hotel Tokyo is giving you an up-close-and-personal look at Japan’s beloved sport: Sumo wrestling. Visitors can choose one of two “Grappling Tokyo... Read More

From Japan to NYC:OmenIn Kyoto, this first-rate udon noodle restaurant is at the base of one of the country's largest and most popular temple complexes.... Read More

The core concept behind Japan’s successful Muten Kurazushi Sushi Restaurants is something known as a food “bullet trains”—quick-moving conveyor belts... Read More

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