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A rare snowstorm that hit Tokyo blanketed the city's Disneyland park. Despite being covered in snow, Tokyo Disneyland still drew in loads of... Read More

There are cat cafés, dog cafés, sheep cafés, and even goat yoga for people to get their fix of furry animal companionship whenever they like in major... Read More

Unsurprisingly, if you want an on-time flight, you should probably go to Japan.According to a new report from the Official Airline Guide (OAG),... Read More

As the “bomb cyclone” advances through the Northeast, schools and businesses have shut down. People are staying inside to avoid winter conditions and... Read More

Winter may be the darkest season, but every year Japan’s Nagashima Resort glows with millions of LED lights.Nabana No Sato, the resort’s flower garden,... Read More

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have finally landed in Tokyo after what can only be described as a surreal flight experience.On Dec. 27, the... Read More

It's the question model Chrissy Teigen – and anyone else who heard the tragicomical story of her 8-hour "flight to nowhere," is still asking:... Read More

Chrissy Teigen is not happy about her latest flight experience.The model was four hours into a Tokyo-bound flight from Los Angeles when the plane... Read More

There are some social rules on planes that just shouldn’t be broken.Rules like never take up more overhead bin space than you need, and don't rest... Read More

More than 40 years ago, social psychologist Dr. Stanley Milgram gave his students an assignment: Go on the New York City subway and ask fellow... Read More

Tokyo’s blinding lights and frenzied masses can be a lot to experience at street level — which is why our preferred vantage is a swanky hotel bar, 45... Read More

The United Nation’s World Tourism Organization just named a new Special Ambassador of the International Year: Hello Kitty.The United Nations... Read More

This story originally appeared on It seems like there's a new method of ranking restaurants every week, but this one has seriously... Read More

There are plenty of new attractions worth traveling to Disneyland and Walt Disney World for in the next few years, but if you want to experience a... Read More

In the blocks surrounding New York City's Bryant Park, you'll find the beginnings of a food trail — one that winds through an unremarkable stretch of... Read More

This story originally appeared on Lately, soda companies have been more and more interested in reducing sugar in their drinks. Coca... Read More

A Japanese company has come up with perhaps the greatest incentive ever to quit smoking: Six extra vacation days a year.According to the Telegraph,... Read More

This story originally appeared on Two American women and their dogs were rescued this week by the United States Navy, after being adrift in... Read More

At least two people were killed and many more were injured when Typhoon Lan struck Japan early Monday morning.A 70-year-old man who dove into the water... Read More

This story originally appeared on Azuki, the pygmy hedgehog in Japan who has captured the hearts, eyes and social media likes of thousands... Read More

Starting in January, those visiting Japan will be able to travel luggage-free thanks to a new initiative.Having to lug your bags with you once you... Read More

The business district of Marunouchi is home to Tokyo Station, the Imperial Palace, and several hotel chains, but the past decade has seen a big... Read More

Looking for a sense of security? You may want to head to Tokyo.According to the Safe Cities Index 2017, a report produced by The Economist Intelligence... Read More

While most frequent fliers are used to the occasional delay because of weather or a maintenance issue, the reason for 14 flight disruptions at an... Read More

This story originally appeared on Aileen Adalid entered the corporate world at age 19 after graduating from De La Salle University... Read More

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