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By Jonathan Kandell
At sunset in Tel Aviv, the neon signs atop the high-rises on Dizengoff, Hayarkon, and the other main thoroughfares begin to flash the familiar litany of global brand names: Sony, Hyundai, McDonald's. Cars slow to a rush-hour crawl. On the Tayelet,...
By Geoffrey Weill
I first visited Jerusalem in 1961, when I was 11 years old. Back then it was a mere shadow of what it has become — a half-city reached through a cul-de-sac of Israel surrounded by "enemy" territory. Little more than 50 yards from our room at the K...

Restaurants in Jaffa

In Israel, chickpea spread is sustenance, scooped up with freshly baked pita along with a whole constellation of condiments. At Ali Karavan (a.k.a. Abu Hassan), toppings range from foul (fava beans) and boiled eggs to sharp pickles.