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Step back in time to Renaissance Italy at the newly renovated Castello di Ugento in Puglia.The castle, which dates back to the 17th century, has been... Read More

Flights to Rome are cheap right now, so if you're in the mood for a "Roman Holiday" à la Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck (international scandal optional... Read More

If you've never dreamed of packing your bags, leaving it all behind, and moving to a villa in the Italian countryside a la “Under the Tuscan Sun,” well,... Read More

Venice, Florence, Rome — these are just a few of the Italian cities on sale right now from airports all across the United States.Yesterday, Thrifty... Read More

Your dream European vacation home awaits — but you'll have to act fast.The Italian village of Ollolai has 200 stone houses that are up for sale for only... Read More

An Italian village is selling some of its historic homes for only €1 — or about $1.20.Ollolai, located in the region of Barbagia on Sardinia, has 200... Read More

Sometimes getting the most from your cruise means getting off the ship and into port. In order to maximize the experience, figure out where you'd like... Read More

A commuter train derailment near Milan, Italy, killed at least three people, according to Italian officials.A Trenord train with about 250 people aboard... Read More

This article originally appeared on The mayor of Venice has pledged to intervene in a "shameful episode" in which four tourists... Read More

As I pressed the ignition button on my white Vespa, I found myself seized by panic. My heart beat like a jackhammer, and a faint tremor crept into my... Read More

There’s no thrill quite like traveling to a new city, but the stress of planning and the pressure to see it all can get in the way of fully enjoying... Read More

Despite the warm glow of the magic hour, the outdoor tables facing the small canal at Il Refolo were empty but for one couple, due to the drizzle. It... Read More

Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world. And it’s no longer just for humans.A new boutique will open later this month in the Italian city ... Read More

A man in India is facing criminal charges after a misunderstood phone conversation.Vinod Moorjani, originally from Mumbai and now CEO of a US-based IT... Read More

Celebrate a new year of travel by booking a cheap flight to Italy or Greece this winter. Flights are on sale starting at $383 round-trip.Thrifty... Read More

Airlines across the globe seem to be getting into the holiday spirit — this time, with $398 round-trip flights to Italy.The Airfare Spot noted flights... Read More

Rome’s official Christmas tree has been getting some recent attention, but not for bringing festive cheer.The 70-foot-tall tree — which sits in the... Read More

Every elementary school student knows that it’s only polite to invite your entire class to your birthday party, but what do you do when you’re the Pope?... Read More

If you’re dreaming of an affordable European getaway, now is the time to grab your ticket.Right now, you can book cheap flights from major U.S. airports... Read More

Travelers will have more options when it comes to flights between the U.S. and Europe next year, as Norwegian Air will be introducing four new routes... Read More

Sure, Italy may be a favorite tourist destination, and you may have even visited more than once, but we guarantee you’ve never experienced it the way... Read More

Officially validating a fact that is already almost universally acknowledged, UNESCO has announced today that it will recognize the art of Neapolitan... Read More

Turkey dinners (and their leftovers) are officially done, meaning the season has finally begun. But we’re not talking about Christmas and Hanukkah and... Read More

This story originally appeared on It seems like there's a new method of ranking restaurants every week, but this one has seriously... Read More

This story originally appeared on, it seems, have become protective of pizza, the dish their home country is best known for but... Read More

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