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Sakiz Sok. 1/A, Kadikoy, Istanbul, 34710 | +216 414 0865, Turkey
Basta! Restaurant in Istanbul

David Hagerman

Durum (wraps) are a dime a dozen in Istanbul—unless they're the ones made at Basta!, a spot in up-and-coming Moda. You’ll find this local favorite, a restaurant by two young Turkish chefs, on Istanbul's Asian side. Drawing on experiences in European Michelin-starred kitchens, Kaan Sakarya and Derin Aribas share their own delicious spin on durumwafer-thin lavash rolled around tender lamb rib meat, charred onions, and harissa, or spicy house-made chorizo and silky hummus. Derin elevates classic Turkish rice pudding by cooking the grain in milk and folding in rich custard and whipped cream. Don't miss the salgam—a refreshingly tart fermented turnip drink made in Adana, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

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