Ireland Travel Guide

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When a country offers you a hundred thousand welcomes or Cead Mile Failte, you know it means business. The homeland of Yeats, Joyce and Wilde, it is easy to understand why Ireland is also known as the land of Saints and Scholars. Travel to Ireland to experience its stunning natural beauty, the warmth of its people and its rich history of cultural and tradition.

Consult Travel + Leisure's Ireland Travel Guide to experience all of what this small island has to offer.

Things Not to Miss in Ireland

• Dublin – The capital city is the country's political and cultural epicenter.
 • Sporting events – between Gaelic football, hurling, and horse racing Ireland has a rich tradition of sport.
 • Ring of Kerry – some of the country's most picturesque scenery in Killarney National Park
 • Giant's Causeway – over 40,000 basalt columns make Ireland's northeast coastline unlike any other.
 • Connemara – the Ireland of postcards with thatched cottages on winding rows flanked with low stone walls.
 • Newgrange – watch the winter solstice enter the inner chamber of this 5000-year-old passage tomb.

When to Go to Ireland

With a temperate maritime climate, Ireland enjoys mild weather throughout the year out without huge swings in temperature. Winter temperatures tend to hover in the 40s and 50s, while summers rarely reach above 75. The best time to visit Ireland is from April through until September. No matter when you travel, bring an umbrella and a sweatshirt. Sometimes you'll experience all four seasons in one day.

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