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  • A War Reporter's Most Memorable Hotels

    In the midst of last winter’s revolts across the Middle East and North Africa, I kept getting e-mails and text messages from friends and colleagues in... Read More

  • Danger Zones

    Sabratah, Libya ... Read More

  • Next Stop...Iraq?

    There's nothing like armed conflict to put a destination on the map—at least if postwar Iraq is anything to go by. Prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the... Read More

  • Post-Election Iraq

    I have a photograph from Iraqi Kurdistan that I sometimes hope might appear in my memoirs above the caption, "Birth of the Iraqi tourist industry." It... Read More

  • Just Back From Iraq: Anderson Cooper

    OCCUPATION Host of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360° HOME BASE New York City ... Read More

  • Saving Babylon

    I first saw Babylon, or part of it, driving back and forth past it during the United States–led siege of Najaf, Iraq, in August 2004. On the way south... Read More

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