Iowa Travel Guide

Touch pools, gators, otters, and nature trails spotlight Mississippi River wildlife.

Recent find: an ancient Parker Brothers board game called Going to Jerusalem that involves moving miniature plastic Jesuses around a series of colored squares representing various biblical holy sites.

Hone your bargaining skills at this antique mall.

Sample wines from Iowa-grown grapes at the inviting winery, which also hosts summer “Music in the Vineyards” concerts.

A 3.5-acre vineyard that produces wine with 100 percent Iowa-grown grapes. Try its 2006 King’s Mead (honey wine), 2006 Jester’s Quandary (red table wine), 2006 Guinevere’s Lace (white table wine), and the award-winning 2006 Edelweiss.

Bikers and nonbikers alike will appreciate the free-spirited romance of the 230 vintage motorcycles.

An independent bookstore and local institution; it hosts at least three major-league readings every week and broadcasts the events on public radio.