Things to do in Indonesia

There are things to do in Indonesia whether you are a thrill-seeking adventurer or looking for a peaceful, romantic getaway. From surfing to hiking volcanoes to admiring Komodo dragons, there is something to tempt every outdoor enthusiast. Scuba divers should head to the Raja Ampat archipelago, where hundreds of dive sites showcase all sorts of exciting marine life. Pygmy seahorses, walking sharks, unicorn fish, and manta rays with 10-foot wingspans are all frequently sighted here. Across Indo you can find helicopter tours, white-water river rafting, zip-lining and sunrise hikes—every island has a plethora of adventures just waiting for you to discover them.

Wondering what to do in Indonesia if you’re a honeymooner or just looking to enjoy a peaceful beach vacation? Try the islands of Bali, Lombok or the Gili Islands--all dotted with exclusive resorts and beachfront luxury villas. From these destinations there are plenty of things to do in Indonesia for a serene escape, from golfing to spa treatments to sunset catamaran rides. Check out the list below to find out what to do in Indonesia.

Where It Is: Set in the Indonesian province of South East Sulawesi, the Wakatobi preserve spreads across hundreds of square miles of thriving coral reefs, which surround an archipelago of four main islands.

The world's largest Buddhist stupa.

Silk dresses in turquoise, crimson, and saffron, plus one-of-a-kind cashmere shawls, are the standouts.

Set deep in the Petanu River valley, Goa Gajah—better known as “The Elephant Cave”— houses an ancient (circa 11th-century) Buddhist and Hindu temple that’s one of Bali’s most bewitching tourist attractions.

Where It Is: Four large islands and hundreds of smaller land masses make up the immense archipelago of Raja Ampat, set in the Pacific waters off the Bird’s Head Peninsula of eastern Indonesia. There are hundreds of dive sites among these islands.

Nightclubs in Bali tend to open and close like wind-beaten shutters, but this all-in-one restaurant/bar/party venue has stayed popular for years, mostly due to its “something for everyone” approach.

A tented safari-style picnic may sound more Out of Africa than Balinese, but an excursion with Esprite Nomade in the hills outside Ubud is one of the most decadent ways to spend an afternoon on the island.

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This stylish antique-and-housewares shop, across from The Four Seasons in Sayan, sells elegant furnishings, carpets, textiles, and objects that reflect the Southeast-Asian expertise of English treasure-hunter Deborah Gardner.

More than 250 bird species—including hornbills, scarlet macaws, cassowaries, peacocks, and various birds of prey—are housed in more than 60 walk-in aviaries at this park.

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George Clooney, Liz Hurley, and Richard Branson have all shipped furniture home from this two-tiered showroom in Seminyak.

A two-hour white-water rafting tour on the rushing Ayung is easily the most exciting way to see Bali’s inland jungles and waterscapes.

Organic café selling indigenous foodstuffs, including local Big Tree Farms' sea salt and spices.

This glittering salon, which partially occupies the Kerobokan property of owner Sandra McArthur, is filled with fabulous custom-beaded handiwork.