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By Christopher Petkanas
By Christopher Petkanas
When the French talk about the sea, it’s usually as a melodramatic need—“J’ai besoin de la mer,” “I need the sea”—never simply, “I like the beach.” Normal levels of fetishization do not apply. You think the Italians like the water?Have you met my ...

Hotels in Ile d'Ouessant

It's the only hotel worth anything, though hotel is a big word for what is really just an eight-room guesthouse. Open the windows to hear the sounds of the Siberian birds that nest nearby each spring.

Restaurants in Ile d'Ouessant

For $18 a head, Mary Jo will prepare a ragout, simmered untouched for four hours in clods, and deliver it to your hotel or the beach for a picnic supper.

Things to do in Ile d'Ouessant

To the modern visitor, the island offers a small but exquisite menu of simple pleasures: walking, cycling, birding, glancing over garden walls to dote on the hydrangeas, eating.