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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have taken over Iceland, having visited Gullfoss Waterfall, a tomato farm, the top of a glacier, and Reykjavik since... Read More

Iceland is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations in the world, so it makes sense that the king and queen of cool would pay a visit to the... Read More

So what exactly does a $1 million music festival ticket get you?In the case of Reykjavik’s Secret Solstice Festival, your adventure begins with a... Read More

If you want to live out your own Icelandic fantasy every day—snorkeling! concerts inside of volcanoes! stunning aerial tours!—you can, while living on... Read More

Rhode Island is known for its beaches and quintessential New England coastline, so when a new promotional video for the state came out recently, ... Read More

Iceland's newfound tourism popularity is well-deserved. Not only is the Nordic island nation home to majestic mountains, an abandoned... Read More

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate the summer solstice, head to Iceland to party inside a volcano. Organizers of Iceland’s Secret Solstice... Read More

As travel destinations go, Iceland is hot, so to speak, and for good reason: the country boasts 30 active volcanoes, milky-blue hot springs, elf... Read More

It seems like everyone is making the trip to Iceland this year—stunning glacier vistas, black sand beaches, the chance to see the Northern Lights in... Read More

WorldwideAt least 50 percent off a trip on Crystal Cruises, a luxe ocean liner that's expanding into river cruising and yachting.2016 Book Now Fares... Read More

With this compilation of dramatic drone footage, we set out to prove that Iceland’s dramatic landscapes are too beautiful for words. We're not the first... Read More

Last month, Iceland pulled in a record amount of snow—16.5 inches, to be exact. While that might not be an enormous amount compared to other winter... Read More

We knew Iceland was beautiful above ground, but those who get a peek beneath its surface are in for a true treat. The Vatna Glacier is the largest... Read More

Six years ago, McDonald's sold its very last cheeseburger in Iceland. The economic downturn pushed the fast food chain out of the country, but there's... Read More

Acclaimed Icelandic chef Gunnar Karl Gislason earned a name for himself at Restaurant Dill, a cozy tasting-menu spot set in a former horse barn in... Read More

Justin Bieber is a lot of things—you can fill that how you wish—but "Iceland enthusiast" probably isn't on your list. Beiber's most recent music video... Read More

If the word hostel conjures images of a grungy college dorms or communal bathrooms, it's time you examined your hostel choices. Seven new and... Read More

Well-designed furnishings, minimalist aesthetics, and monochomatic palettes: this is what Scandinavia does best, and its hotels do a fine job of uniting... Read More

While most people prefer to visit Iceland during the summer, when days are long and weather allows for leisurely hikes, a winter trip could be just as... Read More

Come mid-May, Iceland doesn't experience much "nighttime." Sure, those overnight hours reserved for sleeping still exist of course, but the darkness... Read More

Garðar Ólafsson says it best: "Iceland is such an amazing country that everyone should witness with their own eyes." To help those who have never been... Read More

%image2Tunneling all the way through Langjökull, Into the Glacier's ice cave stretches for 550 meters, nearly 30 meters below the surface. Let's just... Read More

Icelandair has decided to make its stopover program more enticing by appealing to that most Nordic of pursuits, of living in a lighthouse on a rugged... Read More

Filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee was at the right place at the right time during a solar maximum over Iceland last March. (A bit of background: a solar... Read More

Iceland is having a moment. This past May, more than 20,000 American tourists made a stop in the country, increasing 2014’s numbers by 76 percent. This... Read More

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