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Iceland has gorgeous landscapes, adorable horses, and the most unique music festivals.First, it was Secret Solstice Festival — which takes... Read More

I recently experienced what may have been the best sleep of my life in a highly unlikely place.On a recent trip to Iceland, my travel buddy and I... Read More

Iceland is a popular destination for travelers around the world: From 2010 to 2015, tourism grew from 488,000 annual visitors to more than 1.2 million.... Read More

If you’re already planning to take a trip to Europe this summer, you may want to stop and rethink how you’ll get there.Icelandair announced Thursday it... Read More

There are plenty of reasons why Iceland is one of the hottest travel destinations: it’s home to some 30 active volcanoes, steaming hot springs, and... Read More

Seven months after announcing plans to expand to South Florida, WOW Air’s inaugural flight has departed Miami International Airport for Keflavík ... Read More

This story originally appeared on are few experiences in life that contribute more to personal happiness than eating delicious... Read More

A new luxury hotel and spa, the Lava Cove and Moss Hotel, will open at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland this fall.Iceland's Blue Lagoon is one of the country... Read More

Iceland's dramatic landscape and cameos in popular shows like “Game of Thrones” have made the country a hotspot for international travelers,... Read More

Want to plan an epic European trip this summer? In early May, travelers can book a two-for-one trip to England and Iceland for only $445 round-trip. ... Read More

Getting engaged is exciting for any couple, but popping the question in Iceland with a background of the Northern Lights? Now, that's enough to get... Read More

This story originally appeared on women’s rights activists marched worldwide to demand equal pay on Wednesday, Iceland celebrated... Read More

If it seems like everyone is planning a trip to Iceland, it's because they are. Unofficially the hottest destination of this and last year, the... Read More

Thanks to airlines that offer free stopovers, you can explore two cities for the price of one.Instead of having customers wait for connecting flights at... Read More

Scoring a cheap ticket to Iceland isn’t hard. Budget airline WOW Air frequently sells $99 one-way tickets.(And, more recently, $70 flights to other... Read More

Travelers looking for a sun-soaked European vacation can take a cruise through the continent this summer at a fraction of the price. Azamara Club... Read More

In completely zany news, Iceland President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson has denounced the delicious pizza topping that is pineapple. On a recent visit to a... Read More

Depending on the time of year, nighttime in Iceland can last about 20 hours.Those who live closer to the equator may find that hard to stomach, but even... Read More

This article originally appeared on British Muslim math teacher with a valid visa said he was “made to feel like a criminal” when he was... Read More

Pinterest is home to some of the most inspirational travel plans—you can't make it very far without running into a "Wanderlust Travel" or "Bucket List... Read More

Police in Iceland are concerned about drivers under the influence—of the Northern Lights.In one incident, according to Iceland Magazine, police pulled... Read More

A tiny cottage in Iceland might just be one of the coziest locations to snuggle up in the winter.Situated on a 320-acre farm and complete with a... Read More

“Game of Thrones” fans and dramatic landscape lovers will want to check out this drone video of Norway and Iceland, an eye-catching four-minute... Read More

Some people get chocolate and roses for Valentine's Day, some get flown around the world by private jet. Love is love, right?Travelzoo... Read More

When you're traveling with family, not any destination will do.While a quiet seaside resort could be the perfect getaway for two, it could prove too... Read More

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